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Whether you need cash to pay bills or you need to get medical treatment,
Cherokee Funding can help, fast.

We know it’s not always easy to wait for your case to settle and it’s even more difficult when you’ve been injured and your bills are piling up. Cherokee is here to help you. Whether you need cash to pay rent and buy groceries or you need medical treatment, you can rest assured that Cherokee has an option for you.

At Cherokee Funding, we offer pre-settlement cash advances to clients waiting on a court case or insurance company to settle. We understand that you need to pay bills or medical expenses, but may be under financial stress. Consider a pre-settlement cash advance as an option for financial relief.

Pre-Settlement Cash Advances

With a lawsuit cash advance, also called pre-settlement funding, Cherokee provides you with a cash advance before your case is settled. You can use cash advances to pay for necessary expenses so that you can afford to wait for your attorney works to get you a full and fair settlement. Pre-settlement cash advances remove the pressure to settle quickly for a smaller settlement just because you need to pay bills.

Post Settlement Cash Advances

With post-settlement cash advances, Cherokee provides you with a cash advance after your case is settled and while you are waiting for the settlement funds to be paid. Cash advances can be spent as you see fit and are great way to pay bills while you wait for the cash from your settlement.

Medical Treatment Funding

If you were injured and are awaiting an award from your case, it may be difficult to pay for the proper medical treatment you need — whether or not you have the insurance to pay for it.

Fear not. With Cherokee’s Medical Treatment Program, we will pay for your medical treatment so you can take care of yourself while waiting for your attorney to work your case.

Cherokee has a network of healthcare providers include orthopedists, diagnostic centers, pain management specialists, physical therapy, hospitals and surgical centers. Our team will work to get you the treatment you need for virtually any type of treatment may require.

And, it’s affordable. You pay us nothing and we do not charge upfront fees or interest. We get repaid from the settlement the amount charged by the healthcare providers from your settlement but only if you win a settlement.

Cherokee’s Medical Treatment Funding offers many benefits:

  • Get Treatment Fast

    Our application and approval process is fast, simple and hassle-free.

  • Get The Treatment You Need

    Cherokee will get you the type of treatment you need – whether it’s a consultation, MRI, physical therapy or surgery.

  • No Upfront Fees and No Interest

    We charge no upfront fees and no interest.

  • Medical Treatment Funding is Non-recourse

    Non-recourse means that Cherokee’s Medical Treatment program is not a loan. Rather, Cherokee pays healthcare providers for your medical treatment and gets paid back from your settlement only if you win a settlement. If your case is lost, no repayment is required.

Get Cash in 24 Hours
Our application and approval process is fast, simple and hassle-free. And, you will receive your cash in 24 hours.

Low Rates and Fees
We save you the time of shopping around  – Cherokee’s rates and fees are among the lowest in the industry. 

Cash Advances and Medical Fundings are non-recourse
Non-recourse means that Cherokee’s cash advances are not loans. Rather, they are cash advances against pending lawsuits. You will only pay the funds back if and when you win a settlement. If your case is lost and/or you fail to see an award, you can keep the money and no repayment is required.

We Give You Time to Wait for a Fair Settlement
Most plaintiffs find waiting for an award to be especially nerve-wracking – especially when the bills are piling up. We specialize in supporting plaintiffs with cash advances during this time so they can afford to wait for a fair settlement rather than take a lowball offer.

We Maximize Your Settlement Dollars
We approve our clients for 10-15% of their estimated award amounts so that the cash advance repayment and usage fees won’t dip into their settlement dollars. We’ve found that this amount of money is appropriate to allow our customers to pay their urgent expenses and bills while still providing them with a considerable award when their case is settled.

We Cash Advance Against Most Cases
At Cherokee Funding, we fund almost all types of cases. Typically, we will fund any case with proven negligence, compelling liability, a defendant with an established ability to pay a potential settlement and appropriate damages documentation.

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