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Funding Services

Whether you are a plaintiff, law firm or healthcare practice, Cherokee Funding offers funding programs that cover almost any need.

Funding for Plaintiffs

Cherokee provides Plaintiffs with cash advances, either pre-settlement or post-settlement, to help them pay for their life needs so that they can afford to wait a full and fair settlement.

If you were injured and are awaiting an award from your case, it may be difficult to pay for time-sensitive surgery or to pay for the proper medical treatment you need. Cherokee provides medical and surgical financing so you can take care of yourself while waiting for your attorney to take care of your case.

Funding for Healthcare Practices

Serving uninsured or underinsured patients through medical liens can be complex and financially challenging.

Cherokee solves the complexity and financial challenges by paying healthcare providers directly, on behalf of patients. And, we will provide additional capital by purchasing and/or servicing outstanding medical lien receivables.

Make a Difference

At Cherokee, our goal is help our clients to get the best outcome possible. Our funding services are designed to help our clients stay afloat so they do not feel pressured to take a smaller settlement than their case is worth.

We help our clients rest easy because they only pay back their funds if they win their case. And, we take the worry out of waiting so our clients can give their attorneys the time needed to get the settlement they deserve.

The Best Alternative to a Lawsuit Loan

Cherokee Funding advances are not loans. Pre-settlement funding is non-recourse, meaning it is not a loan and you owe us nothing unless you win the case. Cherokee’s funding program (commonly known as, lawsuit cash advances, pre-settlement funding, and non-recourse financial assistance) is cash advanced to plaintiffs awaiting judgments or settlements in lawsuits. Types of cases include: personal injury lawsuits such as auto accidents, product liability issues, slips and falls.

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