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Do you need cash today? Why wait?!


Many people who apply for a cash advance do so because they are in a state of emergency. Sometimes it’s just not possible to anticipate emergencies and know when you might be short of funds. When those times happen, 24 hours is too long to wait to receive much needed money.

That’s exactly why we created our Same Day Funding.

With Same Day Funding, the funds are available to you by the end of the business day* that you apply (not including bank holidays or weekends).

And, it costs you nothing because there are no extra fees for Same Day Funding.

We are proud to say that no other company comes close to supplying you a cash advance this fast, this simply and this affordably.

How does it work?

If you request a cash advance, you will receive $$ in your bank account the same day Cherokee receives your complete application and signed contract.

Do you run a credit check?

No. There is no credit check required.

How do I apply?

To apply for Same Day Funding today, call 855-394-2274 and complete the application by talking with one of our friendly staff or click the Apply Now button below.


What is process to get a Same Day Funding?

  1. Apply by calling Cherokee Funding at 855-394-2274
  2. Cherokee contacts your attorney to complete your application
  3. Cherokee sends you and your attorney contract, if you are approved
  4. You and your attorney sign contract
  5. Cherokee sends you funds

What information do I need to apply?

  1. Your contact info
  2. Your attorney’s contact info
  3. The $$ you are requesting
  4. Name of prior funding company, if applicable

What documents are required from my attorney to complete my application?

After we’ve taken your application, Cherokee will contact your attorney to complete your application by sending us:

  1. copy of police / accident report,
  2. name of the insurance carrier and policy limits.

When is my application complete?

Your application is complete after have received the required documents from your attorney and the payoff information from your prior funding company, if applicable.

What happens after you contact my attorney?

Cherokee will underwrite the case and email you and your attorney a contract for signature, if you are approved.

When do I receive my $$?

We’ll send your $$ once we have the signed contract back from you and your attorney. Cherokee must have your completed application by 2:00 PM EST and your signed contract back by 4:00 PM EST.

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