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Cherokee Funding
We are famous for having the best reputation in the industry.
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We Welcome You to
Cherokee Funding
We are famous for having the best reputation in the industry. 

Cherokee now offers Same Day Funding™

Get funds the SAME DAY* you apply. Cherokee knows that many people who apply for a cash advance do so because they are in urgent need of cash. That’s why Cherokee Funding created Same Day Funding – to help our clients get the money they need as quickly as possible. There is no credit check required. Our application process is fast, easy and costs nothing.


Quick Approval

Applications are processed within 1 hour of the receiving the required documents.

Get Your Funds Today

Clients get their $$ the same day* they apply.

Repay Only If You Win

You only pay back your advance if you win a settlement.

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Plaintiff Funding Explained.

It takes time for the Justice system to work. Meanwhile, bills can pile up due to an inability to work. Cherokee Funding provides you with the cash you need to pay bills while you wait for your attorney to get a full and fair settlement. You only pay the cash back if you win your case. And Cherokee’s rates and fees are always among the lowest in the industry. 

Benefits of Our Litigation Finance Services

We are here for YOU.

Cherokee Funding provides cash advances and medical funding to every day people who have been injured in accidents so they can pay their bills and/or get needed medical treatment while giving their attorney time to get them a fair settlement. We believe that no person should have to choose between taking to a lesser settlement over waiting for a fair settlement because they need money to pay for essential needs and medical care.

Plaintiff funding is non-recourse.

All plaintiff funding is non-recourse which means it is NOT a loan. You will only repay the funding if you win your settlement. If your case does not end with a reward, you will never have to pay the funding back.

Get relief from a variety of situations.

Cherokee Funding provides funding for life needs as well as for medical treatment, which is something that sets us apart from other companies. We provide funding from $500 to $500,000 depending on our clients’ needs.

Fast, easy and no cost to apply.

If you’d like to apply, there’s no cost and the application process takes just a few minutes.

Lowest rates and fees.

We save you the time of shopping around because Cherokee’s rates and fees are always among the lowest in the industry.

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Funding for Plaintiffs

Funding for Attorneys and Law Firms

Funding for Doctors and Healthcare Practices

Plaintiff Funding
Cherokee provides plaintiffs with cash advances to help them pay for their life needs so that they can afford to wait for a full and fair settlement. Cherokee also pays for plaintiffs’ medical treatment so that they can get the care they deserve.

Attorney/Law Firm Funding
Cherokee specializes in supporting law firms to operate and grow while they work towards full and fair settlements. Whether your working capital need is one-time or ongoing, Cherokee has a program to meet your firm’s needs including settled case funding, pending case funding and working capital credit lines.

Doctor/Healthcare Practice Funding
For doctors and healthcare practices, serving uninsured and underinsured personal injury patients and medical liens can be complex and financially challenging if not completely unprofitable. Cherokee solves both the complexity and the profitability problems by paying providers on behalf of uninsured personal injury patients and through the purchase and/or service of outstanding medical lien receivables.